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Totally new to website creation so you are likely to find a variety of information here. See how the site comes together.

Day: October 13, 2017

Latest Update On My Website Creation Learning Path

Latest Update On My Website Creation Learning Path

So today I am basically just writing a paragraph or two just explaining what it is I am trying to do and also figure out when it comes to website creation.


I am thinking to my self how does the site come together and how do I put the pages in place and then where and how and when can I implement product ideas to make a small earning from?


I am thinking I should learn everything from scratch- from learning to code and to create the website all by myself. I have been looking at ways on how o build and create websites and it seems that there are so many tools and plugins etc that basically do the job for us. I am really keen to know how to put these tools and widgets and plugins together and have them working for me.


Now being a complete novice at this sort of thing I actually barely have no clue as to what to call all these sorts of things. I have been wondering how o get traffic to the site and what if I spend so much time on creating the site just to find that noone knows it even exists and noone has really seen it.


If by chance you are reading this page and you know exactly what I am (trying) talking about then please do not hesitate to leave a comment or even use another means of contacting me. Say for example you know what I need to do or you know the name of the thing I need to learn in order to be able to create my own sites and apps and plugins and widgets etc by myself. Like would I be correct in saying it is programming I need to learn or even software development.

Do you even have any links you can suggest to direct me straight to this.

I am currently studying at The Open University and one of the modules I have chosen is Computing and The Digital World so we shall see what I am yet to learn from that and hopefully it will be the skills I need in order to fulfil my dreams of creating my own business from scratch and I would then like to teach and tell others about my experience of building an online empire and hopefully make my millions! I would gain much satisfaction from helping others in which I am already quickly realising that the internet and computing world really is not a case of purchasing some software in order to become rich quick etc like many marketers out there claim.

I would be completely honest and upfront about the whole thing and be happy to share with the world how it really is possible to make a living with the internet and owning a laptop!


Make sure you keep coming to check back for updates on how I am progressing. I would love to hear from anyone who is in the same boat and keen to learn the whole online business thing. Maybe we could work together throughout our learning journey.

Back to where I started to mention about getting traffic to the site, i have basically typed up this page and will keep adding to my site on a daily if not weekly basis where I am keeping an eye on  visitors and can get some sort of idea on what things may make people come across my site or page. This site is only in the setup process and isn’t fully developed and I am a complete beginner and I have no idea what I want to publish- seems I have a few ideas but they are so different to each other and I have one website at the moment and while I am only learning I am trying to not have to spend too much on software etc what I may not necessarily need?