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Totally new to website creation so you are likely to find a variety of information here. See how the site comes together.

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Where to start when building a website?

Where to start when building a website?

I have always wanted my own website. I have always like the idea of having my own site where people can link up and communicate whats on their mind.

I would like to have an online shop where i can share my favourite items online and people can purchase them at bargain prices. I have always been a good bargain spotter and what better way to get the word out and tell people about it so they too can buy the latest products at fantastic prices.

Now when it comes to starting the site i am asking myself what do i want my site to be about? What sort of content do i put on my site? And how will people find my site amongst the many many sites out there and how will my site be different from the rest?

I know absolutely nothing about setting up a website so here i am typing away with a few words what will then get published so i can begin to see how the site will come together. I was trying to think of content ideas and i thought well why not do a diary type log of what i am learning and how i am implementing that into creating my website. I hope that others who are in the same situation may come across my site and would like to take the journey with me where we can share what we are learning and even comment on suggestions and ideas to help each other out! At least then i have some content to publish while i figure everything out to eventually lead onto my site becoming well established.

Here i have started by logging into my site and using wordpress. i have clicked on start a new blog and began typing! Seems easy so far! I plan to try share with others what i am picking up along the way as i am completely starting from scratch. If anyone can help or would like to see how i get on then do keep in touch with the site (until i figure the other ways of linking people to it!)

And click publish, and lets see….!